Operation tools

This sub-collection contains objects used by post office personnel, such as period writing tools (inkpots, pens and sprinklers with fine sand used to dry ink on a page), string holders, candlesticks, candle wick trimmers, swing or floor lamps, wall clocks and crucifixes, which used to be part of the compulsory office equipment in the Austrian monarchy.

Post office watchman's clock

The oldest materials, which date back to as early as the 18th century, also include one of the earliest fire fighting tools - wicker baskets used to hold sand to apply in case of fire. Portable lamps, used by travelling post employees in the 2nd half of the 19th century; night watchman's clock, used at Prague's main post office in Jindřišská street at the same period of time, and things like mouse traps are some of the less common operation tools. The 20th century brought about new types of office tools, such as staplers, punchers, as well as a range of typical postal instruments, e.g. mail bag opening knives - curved hook-shaped knives still used to cut the string applied for closing mail bags. Metal or leather cuff fasteners used to seal certain types of mail bags are also on display together with the corresponding bags.